March 5, 2009


We got interviewd

February 5, 2009

hello our popularity is rising as we continue to work on our game. we recently were intervieved on wbowhornet.com roll over for the full story

January 29, 2009

much progress,

we are into our second build and things are looking upitty up now all we have to do is the nitty gritty audio stuff but that will be fine sound dialect is the perfect company to handle the audio imput stay tuned

DuO why not Trio

January 20, 2009

being the most people friendly studio out there we have hired the expert c# master Mr. william negron not negro close thoough to our wonderful super team of game developers for details on Mr.Negron please prodceed to fight wave after wave of sharks with laser beams travel through grove forest and ask the tooth fairy no im kidding i need his permission first.

for now i will juist work on the art and listen too daft punk

work in progress

January 14, 2009

jack-trial1Well hello again here with a progress report my friend and i have been working on our basic game engine you know a level up system that lets you spend points on combos attacks and all that we making serious progress towards the final build. and i would have to say you will be happy with the end product. It takes money to make money as they say and we are currently spending alot. I hope to bring you all the best of the best and trust me this game will be high quality stuff that all ages can enjoy although it will be alot like the dish washer there will be less blood if at all.

Shadow fox progress

January 8, 2009


“Happy new year happy new year!!!!!”

Hey to all you who are wondering what the heck is prolifik studios well here is your big break. with the recent increase of resources and knowledge this game studio has launched in full throttle. working on our current project named Shadow fox more details will be released later and videos i can’t wait. the whole process is very exciting. well there is a career opportunity open if you can code and think your good at it please e-mail me at chimayou2003@yahoo.com please tell me about yourself. Well new year new things so I hope this year brings a lot of good. This studio is here to produce high quality content me and my friends have been testing games for years and know what is fun and not fun so we promise to only bring along the best of the best so be ready for the experience that will blow your mind away.

Thank you and happy new year!!!